Vitaly Kasatkin - Hereditary Petersburg artist working in the original technique of " relief painting ." Art techniques handed down from generation to generation. Vitaly Kasatkina great grandfather was the supplier of the Imperial Court (see the magazine "Niva" 1909 , September) . The secret technique " Relief painting " in addition to the special paint resins and use special tool that allows you to create a thin thread relief . Kasatkin Vitaly graduated Petersburg Academy of Arts majoring in "architecture" . Successfully participated in various exhibitions in Russia , Hungary, Germany , Austria, France and some others. His work and that of the members of the workshop occupy a significant place in private collections and museums . The idea of ​​using oil it was filed in the International Guild of Masters , with which it cooperates and which were familiar with the techniques of relief painting, and rightly that this material can well complement its original equipment, and thick heavy oil using a special tool is also able to create thin thread relief . The author wants to show that the use of oil, this amazing product of nature, can be much wider usual , while this use is completely environmentally friendly. In addition, the use of oil gradually goes beyond the material coming into the sphere of art . Method different experiments the artist managed to supplement relief painting technique using oil. As it turned out , the oil can replace the usual palette of bright colors and help convey the unique flavor of St. Petersburg and the nature of the north. Now the author is working on an exhibition " Russian Beauty " , which will include the most unusual and beautiful places of our country, which , according to the author , could enter in a collection of unique places in the world in terms of Unesco . The author believes that today Russia is underestimated by the world community because of political ambition and the unwillingness of the West to take the interests of Russia as a self-sufficient state .